Closing Costs

Seller's Expenses

  • Doc Stamps on Deed (70¢ per $100 of the sale price**)
  • Pay off Existing Mortgage Loans
  • Title Services
    (including title search and closing/settlement services and title insurance. Could be Buyer or Seller’s expense, depending upon contract provisions)
  • Owner’s Title Insurance Premium [Closing Cost Calculator©]
  • Real Property Tax Proration
  • Recording Fees – Satisfaction of Mortgage, Curative documents
  • Prorate Condo/HOA Charges
  • Real Estate Brokerage Commission
  • Condo / HOA Estoppel Fee
  • Lien Search Fee

Buyer's Expenses

  • Condo/HOA Approval Fee
  • Recording Fees (Deed, Condo/HOA Approval, etc.)
  • Prorate Condo/HOA Charges
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Flood Insurance (if applicable)
  • Inspection Costs
  • Survey
  • Real Property Tax Proration
  • Permit Search Fee

* Examples only.  Applicable contract will govern.  In 22 Florida counties title premium is generally a buyer’s expense and in the remaining 44 counties, title insurance is generally a seller’s expense.  For example, in Miami-Dade, Broward and Martin counties the title premium is generally a buyer’s expense, whereas in Palm Beach and a majority of other counties, it is generally a seller’s expense.  For more information Contact Us.

** See Closing Cost Calculator© for documentary stamps on deed in Miami-Dade County.

NOTE: We are CPFB/TRID compliant and ready to close mortgage loans in accordance with the new regulations!