Mortgage Financing Cooperative Apartments in Florida

Mortgage financing of cooperative apartments (also called “coop” or “co-op” apartments) in Florida has its own peculiar challenges (and opportunities). In spite of these challenges, it is possible to finance cooperative apartments in Florida, depending upon the particular cooperative. The following should be noted: It is wise to work with a lender accustomed to financing Mortgage Financing Cooperative Apartments in Florida

Glossary of Common Real Estate Terms

Adjustable Rate Mortgage: This type of mortgage may start off with a lower “teaser” interest rate that stays fixed for a specified time, then adjusts periodically depending on changes in the market interest rate.

Appraisal: A report made by a certified or licensed expert who states his or her reasoned opinion of the fair market value of the property generally based on a comparison of that home with comparable homes in the same neighborhood that either are presently on the market or have sold recently.

Foreign Buyers of U.S. Real Estate

Many foreign buyers are unaware of the relatively complex United States tax issues associated with owning and selling United States real estate, and don’t realize the importance of properly structuring the acquisition of a new home or commercial property in the United States.

Don’t Pay Junk Closing Costs and Junk Fees!

At Premier Title, we are serious about being “A Different Kind Of Title Company.” One of the ways we are different is that we do not charge “junk” fees. Unfortunately, some settlement agents give low estimates to consumers for their charges, in order to get business.