American Land Title Association Principles of Fair Conduct

Premier Title Company pledges to support the American Land Title Association Principles of Fair Conduct and to incorporate them into our daily business practices.

In 2003, Premier Title suggested to the American Land Title Association that such principles be adopted, but no action was taken at that time. The principles were finally adopted by American Land Title Association in September, 2007.

American Land Title Association Principle of Fair Conduct

  1. To engage only in business practices that are lawful and consistent with a high standard of ethical behavior.
  2. To encourage a culture of compliance within their organizations for federal and state laws that govern the title insurance business and for these Principles.
  3. To treat consumers in a fair and ethical manner.
  4. To provide consumers with timely and comprehensive information regarding their policies, services, products, and prices so as to enable consumers to shop effectively among providers of title-related services.
  5. To encourage and assist consumers to be educated purchasers of title insurance and title-related services.